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2.2.2. Free Software Use Policy (Checklist)

All free software used by The Fedora Project must meet the following standards. Software which does not meet these standards must not be used.
Free Software Use Policy
MustFree Software LicenseAll deployed software must match a license on the approved license list
MustDistribution PackagingAny software package that is not a part of your distribution (e.g. Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, EPEL, CentOS) must be submitted for review to be included. Exceptions to this rule include non-general use applications that are deemed specific to The Fedora Project. See Section 2.4, “Distribution Partnership” for details.
MayFeasibility ExceptionIn cases where implementation of free software is not feasible, proprietary software may be used at the discretion of Mike McGrath mmcgrath Examples include diagnostic tools provided by a hardware vendor, and software required for firmware updates.
MayGrandfatherDuring the transition from proprietary software to free software, the proprietary software may remain in place until a suitable free software replacement is identified and activated.