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1.4. Host Decommission

When removing a host ensure the following steps are followed.
Out Of UseMustEnsure the host and all services on the host are no longer required for any purpose. This can be accomplished by shutting the host down for a period of several days or just turning all services off.
BackupsMustEnsure any information that might be needed has been backed up. [7]
Backup CleanupShouldIf a backup was created, open a ticket specifying the location of the backup and a date for how long it should be kept around. Once that date has passed remove the backup and close the ticket.
ShutdownMustShutdown the host.
Drive ZeroingShouldOnce everything is done zero out the drives using dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/your_disk bs=4096. With using virtual machines this can be done directly on the lvm image. For physical hosts you will likely need to boot into a rescue image.
VM ConfigMustIf this host is a virtual machine, remove the virtual configuration. virsh undefine hostname. This step is not needed for physical hosts.
UnrackMustUn rack the server. Keep the rail kits with the server unless there is an immediate need or re-use for them. Bundle each cable individually and place them in their proper bin.

[7] If using virtual hosts with LVM, this can be done by renaming the logical volume to something like "hostname.bak".