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The idea here is running a website has certain requisites, an operating system for example. This document describes the steps required before a host is ready to run those services. There is a preference to using Kickstart scripts for all installations though manual installation is acceptable when an automated installation is inappropriate.
Kickstart Procedure
Network ConfigurationDetermine IP address (if not using DHCP), network, gateway, resolver.
Source VerificationVerify the new host has access to the Kickstart scripts and installation media.
Method Passing Installation method must be passed to the kernel using the method command. It should not be included in the Kickstart file. [1]
# CSI Docs -
# Kickstart Template
# This copyrighted material is made available to anyone wishing to use, modify,
# copy, or redistribute it subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU
# General Public License v.2.  This program is distributed in the hope that it
# will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY expressed or implied, including the
# See the GNU General Public License for more details.  You should have
# received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program;
# if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street,
# Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.

vnc --password VNC_PASSWORD
key --skip
lang en_US.UTF-8
rootpw Your_Temporary_Password_Here
firewall --disabled
authconfig --enableshadow --enablemd5
timezone --utc UTC

# Left commented for data protection
# Normal fresh installs should have this section uncommented for a fully automated install
#clearpart --linux --drives=xvda --initlabel
#part /boot --fstype ext3 --size=256 --ondisk=xvda
#part swap --fstype swap --size=2048 --ondisk=xvda
#part pv.01 --size=100 --grow --ondisk=xvda
#volgroup GuestVolGroup00 pv.01
#logvol / --fstype ext3 --size=100 --vgname=GuestVolGroup00 --name=root --grow
# end disk bits

keyboard us
selinux --permissive
mouse none

%packages --resolvedeps --nobase


[1] The method command allows you to specify install source. For example: method= Leaving this information out of the Kickstart files allows for easiest re-use of Kickstart files. The method parameter can also easily be placed into tftp commands and virt-install commands.