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After the host is finished kickstarting. Ensure the following steps check out.
Post Kickstart Checklist
Root PasswordChange temporary root password to a standard one. This step can be skipped if root passwords are managed another way.
Memory CheckVerify the host has all the memory it should have using the free
CPU CheckVerify the host has all the cpus it should have using cat /proc/cpuinfo.
Disk CheckVerify the host has all of the disk space it should have using the fdisk, df and lvs commands.
OS CheckVerify the host has the correct operating system installed.
Resolver ConfigurationVerify /etc/resolv.conf has proper search domains and resolver configuration. At least two resolvers must be present.
Puppet ConfigurationVerify the puppet master has a node configuration file for the this host. If it does not, create one using common puppet standards. [2]
Puppet Certificate RequestRun puppetd -t to generate a new certificate request.
Sign RequestSign the new puppet request on the puppet server using puppet-ca --sign Users who do not have access to sign this request should contact
Puppet InitalizationOnce the puppet certificate request has been signed, run puppetd -t. This should not take more than one run. Realistically though it may take multiple runs (See "Puppet Fixing" below).
Puppet FixingFix or report any errors or warnings that come up during puppet initialization. Puppet must run without any errors before moving on.
Reboot VerificationOnce puppet completes without error, do a final reboot and verify all services and functions are running properly.
BackupsIf this host stores information that needs to be backed up, contact and open a ticket at Include all information about paths and why it needs to be backed up.
MonitoringEnsure this host is properly monitored. Contact and open a ticket at New host types may require additional information as to what needs to be monitored.
Host CertificationOnce the host has been built and is ready, contact a host certifier at . If you are a host certifier and have built this host, please select another member of the certification team.

[2] The CSI puppet standards are still being written at this time.