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1.3. Maintenance

This section describes various time based events to do regular maintenance on your hosts. The triggers for each event are defined as well as the corresponding action.

1.3.1. Monthly Updates

While upstream providers (like Red Hat and Fedora) have their own updates schedule, it's generally considered best practice to have one independent of that. With the exception of ongoing bugs reported by The Fedora Project and security updates, follow the table below. On the first of every month, begin the task list below. It is recommended this be automated with your current tools.
Monthly Updates
Check NotificationMayTest to see if servers require an update via cron with this command: /usr/bin/yum -d0 -e0 check-update
Pre-Production TestMustTest updates in pre-production environments prior to updating production.
Kernel RebootMustIf the kernel has been updated, you must reboot the host to bring all updates into effect. [3]
Errata RebootMustIf an errata or update suggests a reboot, you must do the reboot.

[3] Doing regular reboots is a good thing. Rebooting as often as you get a new kernel is sufficient.