BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
darkserverAdd the darkserver playbookPierre-Yves Chibon4 years
denyhostsFix escaping the '.' in the IPs using jinja2 directly and fix when to run whatPierre-Yves Chibon5 years
easyfixAdd first work on the easyfix rolePierre-Yves Chibon5 years
letsencryptFirst go at letsencrypt automationRicky Elrod6 months
masterlibravatar: the httpd_execmem was only needed for f27 according to the bugclime8 hours
openqaopenqa: require libsemanage-python for sebooleanAdam Williamson3 years
openvpn_handlerMerge branch 'openvpn_handler' of /git/ansible into openvpn_handlerPatrick Uiterwijk4 years
rawhide-greenwaveAdjust greenwave rawhide sync policy to Basic tests onlyAdam Williamson13 months
secarchSpecify the nfs_mount_opts when mounting /pub/archive on secondary01Pierre-Yves Chibon4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
8 hourslibravatar: the httpd_execmem was only needed for f27 according to the bugHEADmasterclime1-7/+0
8 hourslibravatar: ensure correct selinux context and perms after we haver run colle...clime1-17/+17
9 hourslibravatar: fix quotingclime1-1/+1
9 hourslibravatar: SELinux fixes (enable sebooleans, use only apache user instead of...clime2-17/+23
44 hoursadjust so making projects worksKevin Fenzi1-4/+5
44 hoursRevert "perhaps these projects settings are the issue"Kevin Fenzi1-0/+2
44 hoursperhaps these projects settings are the issueKevin Fenzi1-2/+0
44 hoursdef do not need thisKevin Fenzi1-1/+0
44 hourstry thisKevin Fenzi1-0/+2
45 hoursfix file->filenameKevin Fenzi1-1/+1