BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
darkserverAdd the darkserver playbookPierre-Yves Chibon4 years
denyhostsFix escaping the '.' in the IPs using jinja2 directly and fix when to run whatPierre-Yves Chibon5 years
easyfixAdd first work on the easyfix rolePierre-Yves Chibon5 years
letsencryptFirst go at letsencrypt automationRicky Elrod11 months
masterNagios: monitor that resultsdb sends messages on the busClement Verna7 hours
openqaopenqa: require libsemanage-python for sebooleanAdam Williamson3 years
openvpn_handlerMerge branch 'openvpn_handler' of /git/ansible into openvpn_handlerPatrick Uiterwijk5 years
rawhide-greenwaveAdjust greenwave rawhide sync policy to Basic tests onlyAdam Williamson18 months
secarchSpecify the nfs_mount_opts when mounting /pub/archive on secondary01Pierre-Yves Chibon4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
7 hoursNagios: monitor that resultsdb sends messages on the busHEADmasterClement Verna2-0/+7
7 hoursresultsbd: enbale fedora-messaging in prodClement Verna2-5/+1
8 hoursfedora-hubs: delete unused ansible role + configClement Verna32-846/+0
10 hoursAdd the missing template file clean-amis.pySayan Chowdhury1-0/+404
20 hoursAdd the clean ami script as templateSayan Chowdhury2-405/+1
20 hoursrabbitmq_cluster: create nagios-monitoring userJeremy Cline1-0/+25
20 hoursrabbitmq_cluster: install nagios monitoring scriptsJeremy Cline1-0/+1
23 hours[data-analysis] add sysadmin-analysis to data-analysis01 so people can log in...Stephen Smoogen2-1/+3
34 hoursfas3: remove the unused host from the inventoriesClement Verna2-3/+0
34 hoursfas3_server: delete unused roleClement Verna8-357/+6