Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Enforce a new version of pygmentsHEADmasterPierre-Yves Chibon16 hours1-1/+1
* Try commenting out the group in the systemd service filePierre-Yves Chibon16 hours1-1/+1
* Set a real gitolite filePierre-Yves Chibon16 hours1-1/+1
* Enable autosigning for f27-rebuildPatrick Uiterwijk20 hours1-10/+4
* Update ham-radio-exams aliasNick Bebout20 hours1-1/+1
* Now that we are *done* with f25 it has been requested [1]Dusty Mabe21 hours1-1/+1
* Adds missing fedmsg/base roleKushal Das21 hours1-0/+1
* Starts darkservice in the backendKushal Das26 hours1-0/+3
* Uses dnf to install libsemanage-pythonKushal Das27 hours1-1/+1
* Using dnf to install the packagesKushal Das27 hours1-1/+1
* Use package than yum to installKushal Das27 hours1-1/+1
* Updates darkserver backend with rabbitmq roleKushal Das27 hours1-0/+1
* Make /pagure work on src.stgPierre-Yves Chibon28 hours1-1/+1
* Place the overriding systemd service file where it should bePierre-Yves Chibon28 hours1-1/+1
* openqa/worker: ed2k-ovmf doesn't exist on ppcAdam Williamson36 hours1-1/+6
* Install git on openQA workers (RHBZ #1467086)Adam Williamson37 hours1-0/+1
* make the changes for the right apache instance :DDennis Gilmore39 hours2-7/+7
* expose via http the shiny new location for mass rebuild failuresDennis Gilmore39 hours2-0/+10
* and add a dotRicky Elrod41 hours1-1/+1
* Except that's not how ansible worksRicky Elrod41 hours1-2/+1
* make it delete the temp filesRicky Elrod41 hours1-3/+8
* add a way to `oc rollout latest`Ricky Elrod41 hours2-0/+4
* use a more verbose db hostnameRicky Elrod41 hours2-2/+2
* stop using os secrets hereRicky Elrod41 hours1-1/+1
* Uncomment these for nowRicky Elrod41 hours1-2/+2
* templateRicky Elrod42 hours1-1/+1
* I don't know why lines keep getting dropped from my files, I am apparently ba...Ricky Elrod42 hours3-52/+111
* add a way to manually start an image buildRicky Elrod42 hours2-0/+4
* try thisRicky Elrod42 hours1-22/+22
* include file/template name in status lineRicky Elrod42 hours1-2/+2
* somehow these lines got droppedRicky Elrod42 hours1-0/+22
* nuke a dashRicky Elrod42 hours1-1/+0
* If I could stop doing stupid things, that'd be greaaatttRicky Elrod42 hours7-178/+178
* try roles_pathRicky Elrod43 hours1-2/+2
* Merge branch 'master' of /git/ansibleRicky Elrod43 hours9-13/+29
| * restrict skopeo install to non-ppc64 arches, pkg isn't available for ppc64Adam Miller45 hours1-0/+1
| * Let fedmsg-genacls piles up on the blockerbug FAS accountPierre-Yves Chibon47 hours1-2/+2
| * fas_client: Adding sgallagh to flock-staff aliasPaul W. Frields47 hours1-1/+1
| * add skopeo to releng-compose.ymlAdam Miller47 hours1-0/+5
| * Somehow string needs quotes...Pierre-Yves Chibon47 hours1-1/+1
| * Move to a template and configure it for the new worldPierre-Yves Chibon47 hours3-5/+14
| * Updates dist to F26 darkserver stgKushal Das2 days3-6/+6
| * post-receive-alternativearch - catch removals tooDan Horák2 days1-1/+2
* | First attempt at ansiblization of openshift/modernpasteRicky Elrod43 hours9-0/+216
* Use the overriding templates from pagure-dist-gitPierre-Yves Chibon3 days1-0/+2
* Enable s390x in MBSJan Kaluža3 days1-1/+1
* this does need to be the active application ip of koji since it is checked fr...Kevin Fenzi4 days1-1/+1
* adjust check_koji to check the local host, have a 60 second timeout and not p...Kevin Fenzi4 days1-1/+1
* Add new items to mote category_mappingsChaoyi Zha4 days1-2/+2
* Install m_a_gssapi on proxiesPatrick Uiterwijk5 days1-0/+9